A delicate yet bold visual identity for Ro Chen conveys both the humble and confident nature of them. Taking on a clean and straightforward approach, it allows the contents to speak for themselves.

This identity also aims to tell the story of what Ro does for a living– putting things into grids. The sans-serif typeface was carefully chosen for its unconventional ‘R’ which best represents Ro’s eccentric nature. Having always felt like a misfit on the gender spectrum, they see themselves as the grey area who has always existed between the black and white. Thus, further influencing their choice of colour for this identity.



Experimental Posters

Design has always been a conscious, well thought out process. There must always be an underlying rationale behind the work we produce. But what if we didn't have to? What if we were to allow the subconscious mind to partake in the design process? By silencing the conscious mind, we let the unknown take control, turning flesh and bones into an automaton.

This experiment aims to explore the creative potential of our implicit cognition in design. Prompted by the writings of E.E Cummings and T.S Eliot, the automated designer begins to translate the subconscious thoughts to pixels on the screen.

297mm X 420mm



Typology is a book that features a classification of the different typefaces. Atop the main book sits a smaller publication which is a specimen for ‘Albertus’. The characteristic for Typology is the combination of both ‘structure’ and ‘fun’. The sophisticated layout builds the structure, while the design-related riddles used to showcase the typefaces, contribute to the playfulness. The royal blue colour sits in between the spectrum of dull and vibrant, balancing that equilibrium.

200mm X 290mm



STIR is a fictional Design Conference which talks about the correlation between graphic design and psychology. The task was to design a ‘provocation’ for it. Using the brain and a link cursor as semiotics, it implements the effect that design has on the human mind.

The brochure maintains the same concept. Although, it features different semiotics where arrow cursors are seen poking at the human gut instead. This digital distortion is also applied to the typography to build a stronger and more distinctive identity for the conference.



Pacific RISE Report

A report designed for Ākina for Pacific RISE, a pilot innovation of the Australian Government. Wordy and complex information can be hard for its reader to absorb. The goal was to create a sophisticated design that is easily digestable for its readers.

210mm X 297mm


[Untitled Archive]

Done as a gift for the family, [Untitled Archive] features a collection of photographs taken during a family trip to Taiwan. The purpose was to preserve memories and keep the ambience of the trip tangible.

Not your usual sunny, cheery adventure, this trip to Taiwan was a cold and foggy one, inevitably leaving the group feeling listless. The poetic approach of the book intends to convey that melancholic atmosphere. Through the use of a translucent paper stock for its chapter openers, the viewing experience is a mimicry of traveling through fog after fog.

175mm X 240mm


Working Out Your Stress

Working Out Your Stress is a visual brief designed for creatives to come up with a design solution that helps tackle the work-related stress we face. The contents set in black and white reflect the monotonous routine of our daily work lives. While the yellow markings serve not only as an inspiration from office documents, but also an indication that the situation needs to be changed for the better.

140mm X 205mm



IMPORT EXPORT is a collaborative project that tells personal stories of Asian snacks. It is a memoir collected not only from Asians but also from people who are foreign to these products. Ultimately, creating a conversation and an exchange of culture and perspectives. This year-long project is also an exploration of the vernacular aesthetics which are often seen on Asian food packaging. As a package, IMPORT EXPORT can essentially be seen as a gift of the Asian culture and foreign perspectives to the world.